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Our Electrical, Information and Mechanical Technologies Group has successfully handled matters involving a wide variety of technologies including but not limited to devices and systems in the fields of communications, car electronics, information processing, image processing, software, semiconductors, and process technologies.

Our Electrical, Information and Mechanical Technologies Group provides total support for our clients in protecting intellectual property rights in Japan as well as in foreign countries, from filing of patent applications, to handling intermediate procedures, through to obtaining and maintaining issued patents.

Our Electrical, Information and Mechanical Technologies Group drafts patent specifications, bearing in mind differences in practice among individual countries. For each patent application, our Electrical, Information and Mechanical Technologies Group conducts full consultation with the client in order to accurately extract the essence of the invention and obtain a broad patent protection.

Technical Treas of Actinicies
¡Communications Technology
Optical communications; Radio communications; Telecommunication; Mobile phone technology; Communication standards; Network communications.
¡Semiconductor Technology
Integrated circuits, Lasers; LEDs; LCDs; Production apparatuses; Production methods.
¡Image Processing Technology
MPEG; Digital Broadcasting; Pre-press image processing.
Software systems; Video game software; Car navigation.
Automatic controllers; Plant control technologies; Robotics.
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otechnology and Chemistry
Our Biotechnology and Chemistry Group provides expert advice and assistance in protecting intellectual property rights in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and related technologies arising from research and development activities of business and / or academic entities.

Our services include preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications, litigation of patent infringements, as well as license agreements.

Our Biotechnology and Chemistry Group is comprised of excellent staff including registered patent attorneys and technology specialists, all having completed a Master's degree or a Doctorate in specific fields of biochemistry or biotechnology. Our group regularly attends seminars on the changes in technologies, as well as on recent amendments of laws and rules in order to constantly update our knowledge and skills, aiming to provide our clients with the best possible services.

We provide total support for our clients in protecting intellectual property rights in Japan as well as in most foreign countries, particularly the United States, Europe and Asian countries.

Technical Treas of Actinicies
Gene recombination technology; Gene analysis technology; Embryo engineering; Protein engineering; Glycoengineering; Bioinformatics; Nanotechnology.
Organic chemistry; Inorganic chemistry; Polymer chemistry; Photo-catalytic materials.
¡Other related technologies
Food engineering, Pharmaceuticals; Cosmetics.
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Our Design Group prosecutes design registration applications mainly involving devices including electrical / electronic components and such components
themselves. Our Design Group also handles other related transactions.
Our Design Group has successfully handled both domestic and foreign filed design registration matters.
Our Design Group assigns top priority to acquiring and maintaining our clients design patent rights, and handles confidential information disclosed to us through our clients with the utmost caution.
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Our Trademark Group strives to provide the highest quality services for our clients. With a combined experience of long years in trademark prosecution and litigation, we have a very broad scope of knowledge and experience in obtaining, protecting and enforcing our clients' trademark rights. We aim to work closely with our clients, to develop a better understanding of their businesses, enabling us to provide the most effective trademark protection strategies tailored for each client. Together with our Legal Affairs Group, we offer a full range of services and can assist in providing trademark clearance searches, registrability opinions, representation in opposition and invalidation proceedings, litigation advice and support, unfair competition counseling, contract drafting and analysis, and negotiating conflict resolution.
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